Swaran Ahuja

According to our database1, Swaran Ahuja authored at least 12 papers between 2014 and 2022.

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Preservation of shared backup path in k-node content based elastic optical datacenter networks.
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Performance Analysis and Altitude Optimization of UAV-Enabled Dual-Hop Mixed RF-UWOC System.
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Mitigating pilot contamination in Rician faded massive MIMO 5G systems using enhanced zero forcing precoding and ring partitioning.
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Down-link performance of an LED based visible light communication system through dynamic control of semi-angle.
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The probability of error in FSO communication system using Differential Chaos Shift Keying.
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Outage and error analysis of three hop hybrid VLC/FSO/VLC-based relayed optical wireless communication system.
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A novel project-and-forward relay-assisted mixed RF-FSO system design and its performance evaluation.
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Improved RMS delay and optimal system design of LED based indoor mobile visible light communication system.
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Performance analysis of a variable-gain amplify-and-forward relayed mixed RF-FSO system.
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Hyperheuristic-based analysis and optimization of a mobile indoor visible light communication system.
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Further results on the performance improvement in mixed RF-FSO systems using hybrid DF/AF (HDAF) relaying.
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A new weighted audio mixing algorithm for a multipoint processor in a VoIP conferencing system.
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