Tadasu Uchiyama

According to our database1, Tadasu Uchiyama authored at least 15 papers between 1988 and 2014.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Demographic and Psychographic Estimation of Twitter Users Using Social Structures.
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Qualitative Evaluation of the Supporting System for Diagnosis Procedure Combination Code Selection.
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Nonparametric hierarchal bayesian modeling in non-contractual heterogeneous survival data.
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Initial Positioning Method for Online and Real-Time Dynamic Graph Drawing of Time Varying Data.
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A Topic Model for Recommending Movies via Linked Open Data.
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Extracting Know-Who/Know-How Using Development Project-Related Taxonomies.
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Study of Word Sense Disambiguation System that uses Contextual Features - Approach of Combining Associative Concept Dictionary and Corpus -.
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Search your interests everywhere!: wikipedia-based keyphrase extraction from web browsing history.
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The Effectiveness of Latent Semantic Analysis for Building Up a Bottom-up Taxonomy from Folksonomy Tags.
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Signaling emotion in tagclouds.
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Subconnection neural network for event-driven temporal sequence processing.
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A realtime learning algorithm for recurrent neural networks.
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A neural network system with an automatic generation mechanism for distorted patterns.
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