Takeshi Hirai

According to our database1, Takeshi Hirai authored at least 9 papers between 2019 and 2021.

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Decentralized Cross-layer Congestion Controls for DSRC-V2X and PC5-based Cellular-V2X Mode 4 in Crash Warning System.
PhD thesis, 2021

NOMA-Aided Probabilistic Cooperative Transmission for PC5-Based Cellular V2X Mode 4 for Crash Warning.
IEEE Access, 2021

Link-level Performance Evaluations of Sparse Code Multiple Access for PC5-based Cellular-V2X with Heterogeneous Channel Estimation Errors.
Proceedings of the 93rd IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2021

Performance Evaluations of PC5-based Cellular-V2X Mode 4 for Feasibility Analysis of Driver Assistance Systems with Crash Warning.
Sensors, 2020

Performance Evaluation of NOMA for Sidelink Cellular-V2X Mode 4 in Driver Assistance System With Crash Warning.
IEEE Access, 2020

Closed-Form Expressions of Performance Metrics of V2X Safety Communication in Urban Scenarios.
Proceedings of the 92nd IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2020

Node Clustering Communication Method With Member Data Estimation to Improve QoS of V2X Communications for Driving Assistance With Crash Warning.
IEEE Access, 2019

NOMA Concept for PC5-Based Cellular-V2X Mode 4 in Crash Warning System.
Proceedings of the 90th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2019

Performance Characteristics of Sensing-based SPS of PC5-based C-V2X Mode 4 in Crash Warning Application under Congestion.
Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, 2019