Tarik A. Rashid

According to our database1, Tarik A. Rashid authored at least 36 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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A novel hybrid GWO with WOA for global numerical optimization and solving pressure vessel design.
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An energy efficient service composition mechanism using a hybrid meta-heuristic algorithm in a mobile cloud environment.
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Coronary Heart Disease Diagnosis Through Self-Organizing Map and Fuzzy Support Vector Machine with Incremental Updates.
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Remote tracking of Parkinson's Disease progression using ensembles of Deep Belief Network and Self-Organizing Map.
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Next word prediction based on the N-gram model for Kurdish Sorani and Kurmanji.
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A Comprehensive Study on Pedestrians' Evacuation.
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Investigating the effect of competitiveness power in estimating the average weighted price in electricity market.
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