Tarun Kumar Rawat

According to our database1, Tarun Kumar Rawat authored at least 24 papers between 2008 and 2022.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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L<sub>1</sub>-Norm-Based Optimal Design of Digital Differentiator Using Multiverse Optimization.
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Infinite impulse response system identification using antlion optimisation algorithm.
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Design and FPGA implementation of lattice wave digital notch filter with minimal transient duration.
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A Novel Approach for the Design of Optimum IIR Differentiators Using Fractional Interpolation.
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Design and FPGA implementation of lattice wave fractional order digital differentiator.
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Design of two-dimensional FIR filters with quadrantally symmetric properties using the 2D <i>L</i> <sub>1</sub>-method.
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Adaptive infinite impulse response system identification using teacher learner based optimization algorithm.
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Optimal design of minimum multiplier lattice wave digital lowpass filter using metaheuristic techniques.
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Optimum quantum receiver for detecting weak signals in PAM communication systems.
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Realization of the three-qubit quantum controlled gate based on matching Hermitian generators.
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Optimal design of 2-D FIR digital differentiator using L<sub>1</sub>-norm based cuckoo-search algorithm.
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Design and FPGA implementation of multiplierless comb filter.
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Optimal design of <i>L</i> <sub>1</sub>-norm based IIR digital differentiators and integrators using the bat algorithm.
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A multipurpose toolkit for teaching DSP in an undergraduate course.
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Realization of a quantum gate using gravitational search algorithm by perturbing three-dimensional harmonic oscillator with an electromagnetic field.
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Optimal Design of 2D FIR Filters with Quadrantally Symmetric Properties Using Fractional Derivative Constraints.
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Realization of quantum gates based on three-dimensional harmonic oscillator in a time-varying electromagnetic field.
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Design of a Variable Fractional Delay Filter Using Comprehensive Least Square Method Encompassing All Delay Values.
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