Timur Mirzoev

According to our database1, Timur Mirzoev authored at least 20 papers between 2008 and 2019.

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Learning Laboratories as Services in Private Cloud Deployment.
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Securing Virtualized Datacenters.
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The Role of Client Isolation in Protecting Wi-Fi Users from ARP Spoofing Attacks.
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Webpage Load Speed: ASP.NET vs. PHP.
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Apple IOS Devices for Network Administrators.
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Datacenter Changes vs. Employment Rates for Datacenter Managers In the Cloud Computing Era.
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SAP HANA and its performance benefits.
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Leveraging VMware vCloud Director Virtual Applications (vApps) for Operational Expense (OpEx) Efficiency.
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Reduction of Field Loss by a Video Processing System.
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Automation Security.
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Low Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks (LR-WPAN 802.15.4 standard).
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Analysis of Computer Hardware Affecting Video Transmission via IEEE 1394a connection.
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Wireless Transmission of Video for Biomechanical Analysis.
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Disaster Recovery Using Virtual Machines.
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Synchronous replication of remote storage.
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Employing Virtualization for Information Technology Education.
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Teaching Network Storage Technology Assessment Outcomes and Directions.
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Engaging students in information storage management courses.
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Teaching storage infrastructure management and security.
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