Tong Li

According to our database1, Tong Li authored at least 21 papers between 2015 and 2019.

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Publicly verifiable privacy-preserving aggregation and its application in IoT.
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Data security against receiver corruptions: SOA security for receivers from simulatable DEMs.
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Lightweight Cryptographic Techniques for Automotive Cybersecurity.
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GMM and CNN Hybrid Method for Short Utterance Speaker Recognition.
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A Novel Security Scheme Based on Instant Encrypted Transmission for Internet of Things.
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A Homomorphic Network Coding Signature Scheme for Multiple Sources and its Application in IoT.
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Secure data uploading scheme for a smart home system.
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Differentially private Naive Bayes learning over multiple data sources.
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Key-aggregate searchable encryption under multi-owner setting for group data sharing in the cloud.
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Attribute-based handshake protocol for mobile healthcare social networks.
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Verifiable searchable encryption with aggregate keys for data sharing system.
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Privacy-preserving machine learning with multiple data providers.
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Normal Cloud Model-Based Algorithm for Multi-Attribute Trusted Cloud Service Selection.
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Harden Tamper-Proofing to Combat MATE Attack.
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