Nan Shen

Orcid: 0000-0001-8468-5550

According to our database1, Nan Shen authored at least 26 papers between 2007 and 2024.

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Evaluation of C/N0 raw observation positioning by smartphone based on indoor asynchronous pseudolite.
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Frequency-invariant direction-of-arrival estimation of circular acoustic vector sensor array for wideband signals on the cylindrical baffle.
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Eigenstructure methods for DOA estimation of circular acoustic vector sensor array with axial angle bias in nonuniform noise.
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Maintenance Optimization for a Production System Subject to Shocks Considering a Buffer Inventory and Production Defects.
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Phen2Disease: a phenotype-driven model for disease and gene prioritization by bidirectional maximum matching semantic similarities.
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Multi-route fusion method of GNSS and accelerometer for structural health monitoring.
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Multipath tracking with LTE signals for accurate TOA estimation in the application of indoor positioning.
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3-D Displacement Detection Based on Enhanced Clustering From GNSS Positioning in a Kinematic Mode for Deformation Monitoring.
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External Tropospheric Corrections by Using Kriging Interpolation for Improving PPP-RTK Positioning Solutions.
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Signal acquisition of Luojia-1A low earth orbit navigation augmentation system with software defined receiver.
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Identifying correlations driven by influential observations in large datasets.
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Short-Term Landslide Displacement Detection Based on GNSS Real-Time Kinematic Positioning.
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Deeply feature learning by CMAC network for manipulating rehabilitation robots.
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Livestock Product Price Forecasting Method Based on Heterogeneous GRU Neural Network and Energy Decomposition.
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Multistimuli-Responsive Insect-Scale Soft Robotics Based on Anisotropic Super-Aligned VO 2 Nanowire/Carbon Nanotube Bimorph Actuators.
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