Tuergen Yibulayin

According to our database1, Tuergen Yibulayin authored at least 19 papers between 2013 and 2022.

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PCA mix-based Hotelling's T2 multivariate control charts for intrusion detection system.
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Morphological Analysis Corpus Construction of Uyghur.
Proceedings of the Chinese Computational Linguistics - 20th China National Conference, 2021

Named-Entity Recognition in Sports Field Based on a Character-Level Graph Convolutional Network.
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Semi-Automatic Corpus Expansion and Extraction of Uyghur-Named Entities and Relations Based on a Hybrid Method.
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A Syllable-Based Technique for Uyghur Text Compression.
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Research on Uyghur Pattern Matching Based on Syllable Features.
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Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Network with a Conditional Random Field Layer for Uyghur Part-Of-Speech Tagging.
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Script Identification of Multi-Script Documents: A Survey.
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Uyghur Off-Line Signature Recognition Based on Local Central Line Features.
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