Ulrich Lang

According to our database1, Ulrich Lang authored at least 61 papers between 1987 and 2018.

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Integrative analysis and machine learning on cancer genomics data using the Cancer Systems Biology Database (CancerSysDB).
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Rapid k-d Tree Construction for Sparse Volume Data.
Proceedings of the EGPGV 2018: Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization, 2018

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IT Governance - role of a CIO in German Universities - a Survey by ZKI.
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The HD(CP)2 Data Archive for Atmospheric Measurement Data.
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Asymptotic error of cubic B-spline interpolation using prefiltering.
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A Cybermodel for Privacy by Design: Building privacy protection into consumer electronics.
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Benefits and Pitfalls of Predictive Policing.
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ArtefactViewer - a 3D tool for archeologists.
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The MoSGrid - e-science gateway: molecular simulations in a distributed computing environment.
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Implementing Least Privilege for Interconnected, Agile SOAs/Clouds.
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Molecular simulation grid.
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Analysis of recommended cloud security controls to validate OpenPMF "policy as a service".
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Projektbasierte Entwicklung und Umsetzung akademischer IT-Infrastrukturen.
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Modularisierungskonzepte bei Simulationsproblemen in integrierten Programmsystemen.
PhD thesis, 1989

DFN-RSYST, Software zur Unterstützung verteilter Anwendungen in heterogenen Rechnernetzen.
Proceedings of the Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen, 1987