Vaggelis Giannikas

According to our database1, Vaggelis Giannikas
  • authored at least 29 papers between 2009 and 2017.
  • has a "Dijkstra number"2 of five.



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Using customer-related data to enhance e-grocery home delivery.
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An algorithm for dynamic order-picking in warehouse operations.
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Facing your supervisor.
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A Supply Chain Tracking Model Using Auto-ID Observations.

Blogging: 5 tips for your success.
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Bletchley Park: Milton Keynes, UK.
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Public relations for computer science students.
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Women in computing: when boys come last.
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Applying for postgraduate studies.
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What a wonderful world: ACM student chapters around the globe.
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Competitions for chapters: the ACM student chapter excellence award.
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Behold a pail of milk: the future of banking, currency, and e-commerce.
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ACM chapter news: from Ontario to Hyderabad.
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