Van-Hai Bui

Orcid: 0009-0002-4565-4780

According to our database1, Van-Hai Bui authored at least 20 papers between 2016 and 2024.

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PhD thesis 




Reinforcement Learning-Based Integrated Control to Improve the Efficiency of DC Microgrids.
IEEE Trans. Smart Grid, January, 2024

Emerging 6G/B6G Wireless Communication for the Power Infrastructure in Smart Cities: Innovations, Challenges, and Future Perspectives.
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A Decentralized Dynamic Pricing Model for Demand Management of Electric Vehicles.
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Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Optimal Parameter Design of Power Converters.
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A Dynamic Internal Trading Price Strategy for Networked Microgrids: A Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Game-Theoretic Approach.
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Optimal Design Parameters for Hybrid DC Circuit Breakers Using a Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm.
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Deep Neural Network-Based Surrogate Model for Optimal Component Sizing of Power Converters Using Deep Reinforcement Learning.
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Double Deep Q-Learning-Based Distributed Operation of Battery Energy Storage System Considering Uncertainties.
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An Effort-Based Reward Approach for Allocating Load Shedding Amount in Networked Microgrids Using Multiagent System.
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Distributed Operation of Wind Farm for Maximizing Output Power: A Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach.
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Consensus Algorithm-Based Distributed Operation of Microgrids During Grid-Connected and Islanded Modes.
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Optimal Operation of Wind Farm for Reducing Power Deviation Considering Grid-Code Constraints and Events.
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A Multiagent-Based Hierarchical Energy Management Strategy for Multi-Microgrids Considering Adjustable Power and Demand Response.
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A Proactive and Survivability-Constrained Operation Strategy for Enhancing Resilience of Microgrids Using Energy Storage System.
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