Veselin Rakocevic

According to our database1, Veselin Rakocevic authored at least 63 papers between 2001 and 2019.

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Hybrid Radio Resource Management with Co-scheduling for Relay Extended OFDMA Networks.
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Complexity of coordinated beamforming and scheduling for OFDMA based heterogeneous networks.
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Cooperative Smartphone Relay Selection Based on Fair Power Utilization for Network Coverage Extension.
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A Framework for Multiaccess Support for Unreliable Internet Traffic using Multipath DCCP.
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Relative Localisation Algorithm for Neighbour Classification in Ad Hoc Networks of Moving Robots.
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Host-Based Intrusion Detection for VANETs: A Statistical Approach to Rogue Node Detection.
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A Speedy Cardiovascular Diseases Classifier Using Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis.
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A Mobility Enabled Inpatient Monitoring System Using a ZigBee Medical Sensor Network.
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Demand Management for Home Energy Networks using Cost-optimal Appliance Scheduling.
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Short paper: Distributed vehicular traffic congestion detection algorithm for urban environments.
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Security framework for mobile banking.
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Parameter Based Access Control Model for Mobile Handsets.
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Recommendation index for DVB content using Service information.
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Anonymous authentication for mobile Single Sign-On to protect user privacy.
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Throughput Enhancement in Heterogeneous Mobile Networks Using nSCTP.
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nSCTP: A new transport layer tunnelling approach to provide seamless handover for moving networks.
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