Vladimir Mahalec

According to our database1, Vladimir Mahalec authored at least 18 papers between 2012 and 2021.

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A Circular Target Feature Detection Framework Based on DCNN for Industrial Applications.
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Automatic determining optimal parameters in multi-kernel collaborative fuzzy clustering based on dimension constraint.
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Deep adaptive fuzzy clustering for evolutionary unsupervised representation learning.
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Refinery production planning optimization under crude oil quality uncertainty.
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Flooding and offset-free nonlinear model predictive control of a high-purity industrial ethylene splitter using a hybrid model.
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Adaptive system identification of industrial ethylene splitter: A comparison of subspace identification and artificial neural networks.
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Supply-demand pinch based methodology for multi-period planning under uncertainty in components qualities with application to gasoline blend planning.
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NOPT site: An online workbench for modeling and optimization of diverse networks.
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Globally optimal dynamic real time optimization without model mismatch between optimization and control layer.
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Planning and scheduling of steel plates production. Part II: Scheduling of continuous casting.
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Reconfiguration of satellite orbit for cooperative observation using variable-size multi-objective differential evolution.
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