Wiktor B. Daszczuk

According to our database1, Wiktor B. Daszczuk authored at least 41 papers between 1987 and 2020.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Integrated Model of Distributed Systems
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Measures of Structure and Operation of Automated Transit Networks.
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Tree-Like Distributed Computation Environment with Shapp Library.
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Cooperation of Multiple Autonomous Robots and Analysis of their Swarm Behavior.
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Priority Rules on ATN (PRT) Intersections.
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PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) network simulation.
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Critical trees: counterexamples in model checking of CSM systems using CBS algorithm.
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Verification of Design Decisions in Communication Protocol by Evaluation of Temporal Logic Formulas.
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State Space Reduction for Reachability Graph of CSM Automata.
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JADE - A Platform for Research on Cooperation of Physical and Virtual Agents.
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Macrogeneration and Automata Libraries For COSMA design environment.
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Deadlock and Termination Detection using IMDS Formalism and Model Checking. Version 2.
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Communication Dualism in Distributed Systems with Petri Net Interpretation.
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Distributed algorithm for empty vehicles management in personal rapid transit (PRT) network.
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Rybu: Imperative-style Preprocessor for Verification of Distributed Systems in the Dedan Environment.
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Practical Approach to Distributed Systems' Design.
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Model Checking in The COSMA Environment as a Support for The Design of Pipelined Processing.
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System level specification and verification using Concurrent State Machines and COSMA environment.
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Discrete Event Simulation of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Systems.
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Concurrent Software Design Based on Constraints on State Diagrams.
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Improving Resilience of Autonomous Moving Platforms by Real Time Analysis of Their Cooperation.
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