William R. Franta

According to our database1, William R. Franta authored at least 42 papers between 1973 and 1992.

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Extended High Speed Networks Employing Hippi Switches, High Speed WANs, and FDDI Rings.
J. High Speed Networks, 1992

A link state routing algorithm for the configuration of interconnected HIPPI switches.
Proceedings of the 17th Conference on Local Computer Networks, 1992

Future directions of high-speed networks for distributed storage environments.
Proceedings of the Eleventh IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems, 1991

FDDI network architectures, performance and futures.
Proceedings of the 16th Conference on Local Computer Networks, 1991

HYPERchannel Network Computing: Network Elements and Performance Monitoring.
Proceedings of the Information Network and Data Communication, 1988

A Scheduling-Function-Based Distributed Access Protocol that Uses CDM to Relay Control Information in a Network with Hidden Nodes.
IEEE Trans. Computers, 1987

An Optimal Election Protocol for Channel Allocation.
Computer Networks, 1986

A Multiaccess Protocol for Multihop Radio Networks.
IEEE Trans. Communications, 1985

Measurement and Analysis of HYPERchannel Networks.
IEEE Trans. Computers, 1984

Hyperchannel Local Network Interconnection Through Satellite Links.
IEEE Computer, 1984

Contention-Based Access Protocols with Reservations for Local Networks with Non-Homogeneous Traffic Demands.
Proceedings of the Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM 84, San Francisco, CA, USA, April 9-12, 1984, 1984

A Distributed Channel-Access Protocol for Fully-Connected Networks with Mobile Nodes.
IEEE Trans. Computers, 1983

An Efficient Collision-Free Protocol for Prioritized Access-Control of Cable or Radio Channels.
Computer Networks, 1983

Issues and Approaches to Distributed Testbed Instrumentation.
IEEE Computer, 1982

SOSAM for hidden nodes or an efficient collision-free access-protocol for stationary radio networks with less-than-full connectivity.
Proceedings of the Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 1982

Fair timestamp allocation in distributed systems.
Proceedings of the American Federation of Information Processing Societies: 1982 National Computer Conference, 1982

Real-Time Distributed Computer Systems.
Advances in Computers, 1981

Introduction to SIMULA: A tutorial.
Proceedings of the 13th conference on Winter simulation, 1981

A Process Oriented Simulation Model Specification and Documentation Language.
Softw., Pract. Exper., 1980

Performance Issues in Back-End Storage Networks.
IEEE Computer, 1980

Message-based priority access to local networks.
Computer Communications, 1980

Implementation of Eventcounts in a Broadcast Network.
Computer Networks, 1980

Analysis of a Prioritized CSMA Protocol Based on Staggered Delays.
Acta Inf., 1980

CHIMPNET: A Network Testbed.
Computer Networks, 1979

An Approach to the Specification of Distributed Software.
Proceedings of the Use of Formal Specification of Software, 1979

Correctness of Software - An Overview.
Proceedings of the Use of Formal Specification of Software, 1979

A Comparison of Heaps and the TL Structure for the Simulation Event Set.
Commun. ACM, 1978

Kernel primitives of the HXDP executive.
Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society's Second International Computer Software and Applications Conference, 1978

Decentralized executive control in distributed computer systems.
Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society's Second International Computer Software and Applications Conference, 1978

A Framework for Investigating a Class of Distributed Processing Algorithms.
IEEE Trans. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 1977

An Efficient Algorithm for the Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Lilliefors Tests.
ACM Trans. Math. Softw., 1977

A diffusion approximate solution to the g/g/k queueing system.
Computers & OR, 1977

An Efficient Data Structure for the Simulation Event Set.
Commun. ACM, 1977

On Performance Studies of Processor Oriented Cache Configurations.
Proceedings of the Modelle für Rechensysteme, Workshop der GI, Bonn, 31.3.-1.4.1977, 1977

The Mathematical Analysis of the Computer System Modeled as a Two Stage Cyclic Queue.
Acta Inf., 1976

On the Structural Concepts of Simula.
Australian Computer Journal, 1975

Proceedings of the 1975 ACM Annual Conference, 1975

Simulation: A state of the art tutorial.
Proceedings of the 1975 ACM Annual Conference, 1975

On a Loose Communication Between Dissimilar CDC6000 Operating Systems.
Softw., Pract. Exper., 1974

The suitability of a very high level language (SETL) for simulation strucuturing and control.
Proceedings of the Programming Symposium, 1974

Simulation Structures and SETL.
Proceedings of the Information Processing, 1974

The impact of a computers and society course on student perspectives.
Proceedings of the ACM annual conference, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, August 27-29, 1973, 1973