Xiaoming Xue

Orcid: 0000-0003-2866-0871

According to our database1, Xiaoming Xue authored at least 24 papers between 2001 and 2024.

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Sea Surface Height Measurements Based on Multi-Antenna GNSS Buoys.
Sensors, June, 2024

Source Free Semi-Supervised Transfer Learning for Diagnosis of Mental Disorders on fMRI Scans.
IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell., November, 2023

Fault Diagnosis for Rolling Bearing of Combine Harvester Based on Composite-Scale-Variable Dispersion Entropy and Self-Optimization Variational Mode Decomposition Algorithm.
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Federated Multi-Task Learning for Joint Diagnosis of Multiple Mental Disorders on MRI Scans.
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A Scalable Test Problem Generator for Sequential Transfer Optimization.
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Affine Transformation-Enhanced Multifactorial Optimization for Heterogeneous Problems.
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A composite framework coupling FCRM, LSSVM and improved hybrid IHHOMFO optimization for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model identification.
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Data-driven evolutionary algorithm for oil reservoir well-placement and control optimization.
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A radial basis function surrogate model assisted evolutionary algorithm for high-dimensional expensive optimization problems.
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A Dual-Stage Pseudo-Labeling Method for the Diagnosis of Mental Disorder on MRI Scans.
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Efficient hierarchical surrogate-assisted differential evolution for high-dimensional expensive optimization.
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Cylindrical Shell Vibration Gyroscope Excited and Detected by High-Temperature-Sintered Piezoelectric Ceramic Electrodes.
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New State Identification Method for Rotating Machinery under Variable Load Conditions Based on Hybrid Entropy Features and Joint Distribution Adaptation.
Complex., 2020

A topology-based single-pool decomposition framework for large-scale global optimization.
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Robust T-S Fuzzy Model Identification Approach Based on FCRM Algorithm and L1-Norm Loss Function.
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Intelligent Deep Learning Method for Forecasting the Health Evolution Trend of Aero-Engine With Dispersion Entropy-Based Multi-Scale Series Aggregation and LSTM Neural Network.
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Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Element Bearings with a Two-Step Scheme Based on Permutation Entropy and Random Forests.
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Deep interval prediction model with gradient descend optimization method for short-term wind power prediction.
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Multiobjective Optimization of a Fractional-Order PID Controller for Pumped Turbine Governing System Using an Improved NSGA-III Algorithm under Multiworking Conditions.
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Multiobjective Optimal Control for Hydraulic Turbine Governing System Based on an Improved MOGWO Algorithm.
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