Yan Yin

According to our database1, Yan Yin authored at least 20 papers between 2007 and 2019.

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Evaluation of MWHS-2 Using a Co-located Ground-Based Radar Network for Improved Model Assimilation.
Remote Sensing, 2019

Amending of embedded thermometry method for testing friction temperature rise of braking.
IEEE Instrum. Meas. Mag., 2019

MIDI-Sandwich: Multi-model Multi-task Hierarchical Conditional VAE-GAN networks for Symbolic Single-track Music Generation.
CoRR, 2019

Efficient Processing of Convolutional Neural Networks on SW26010.
Proceedings of the Network and Parallel Computing, 2019

Attention-based sequence-to-sequence model for speech recognition: development of state-of-the-art system on LibriSpeech and its application to non-native English.
CoRR, 2018

Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Log Event Classification on Distributed Cluster Systems.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Big Data, 2018

The Variations and Trends of MODIS C5 & C6 Products' Errors in the Recent Decade over the Background and Urban Areas of North China.
Remote Sensing, 2016

Ncfm: Accurate handwritten digits recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks.
Proceedings of the 2016 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2016

Fissionable Deep Neural Network.
Proceedings of the Neural Information Processing - 23rd International Conference, 2016

Short Message Service (SMS) can Enhance Compliance and Reduce Cancellations in a Sedation Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Center: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial.
J. Medical Systems, 2015

Biomechanical Analysis of Human Thorax and Abdomen During Automotive Impact.
Proceedings of the Digital Human Modeling - Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management: Ergonomics and Health, 2015

Development of a 3D Finite Element Model of the Chinese 50th Male for the Analysis of Automotive Impact.
Proceedings of the Digital Human Modeling - Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management: Ergonomics and Health, 2015

Research of data fusion methods of compressed sensing-based orchard monitoring system by wireless sensor networks.
IJSPM, 2013

Large-Margin Estimation of Hidden Markov Models With Second-Order Cone Programming for Speech Recognition.
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System optimization of a 5.8 GHz ETC receiver using Memetic algorithm.
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Soft frame margin estimation of Gaussian Mixture Models for speaker recognition with sparse training data.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, 2011

Second Order Cone Programming (SOCP) Relaxations for Large Margin HMMs in Speech Recognition.
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2009), 2009

Dual Low-Voltage IC Design for High-Voltage Floating Gate Drives.
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A fast optimization method for large margin estimation of HMMs based on second order cone programming.
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A compact semidefinite programming (SDP) formulation for large margin estimation of HMMS in speech recognition.
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