Yanmin Niu

According to our database1, Yanmin Niu authored at least 18 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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Left ventricle landmark localization and identification in cardiac MRI by deep metric learning-assisted CNN regression.
Neurocomputing, 2020

The Existence of Invariant Tori and Quasiperiodic Solutions of the Nosé-Hoover Oscillator.
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Myocardium Detection by Deep SSAE Feature and Within-Class Neighborhood Preserved Support Vector Classifier and Regressor.
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Automatic Vertebrae Localization and Identification by Combining Deep SSAE Contextual Features and Structured Regression Forest.
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Structured graph regularized shape prior and cross-entropy induced active contour model for myocardium segmentation in CTA images.
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The existence of homoclinic orbits in the Lorenz system via the undetermined coefficient method.
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Improved marching cubes using novel adjacent lookup table and random sampling for medical object-specific 3D visualization.
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Enhanced distance regularization for re-initialization free level set evolution with application to image segmentation.
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New Region-Scalable Discriminant and Fitting Energy Functional for Driving Geometric Active Contours in Medical Image Segmentation.
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Exact Number of Positive Solutions for a Class of Two-Point Boundary Value Problems.
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New one-versus-all v-SVM solving intra-inter class imbalance with extended manifold regularization and localized relative maximum margin.
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Definition and extraction of stable points from fingerprint images.
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