Yi-Fen Chen

According to our database1, Yi-Fen Chen authored at least 27 papers between 2008 and 2018.

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Exploring the effects of web-mediated socially-shared regulation of learning and experience-based learning on improving students' learning.
Interactive Learning Environments, 2018

Influence of Opinion Leaders on Purchase Intention Using Social Network Analysis: The Case of Paid Mobile Apps.

The Influence of Perceived Risk, Shopping Value and Opinion Leader to Explore Online Consumer Purchase Intention: Using Social Network Analysis.
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Influence of Website Design on Consumer Emotion and Purchase Intention in Travel Websites.
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How Online Consumer Reviews Influence Purchase Intention in Virtual Communities?
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See you on Facebook: exploring influences on Facebook continuous usage.
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Decomposition of meta-frontier inefficiency in the two-stage network directional distance function with quasi-fixed inputs.
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Who Likes to Meet Blind Dating on the Internet?
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Bring History of Computing into High School CS Curriculum: Teachers' Perspectives.
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A Study on Consumer Intention in a Web Portal Game from the Perspective of Flow Experience.
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Forecasting the Imminent Market Shares Pertinent to HTC Corporation Domestically: The Vanguard Regarding Taiwan's Smartphone Industry.
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Estimating the Global Demand of Photovoltaic System.
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Optimal Strategy for the Smartphone Industry in Taiwan: HTC Case Study.
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Computer-enriched instruction (CEI) is better for preview material instead of review material: An example of a biostatistics chapter, the central limit theorem.
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