Yongge Wang

According to our database1, Yongge Wang authored at least 90 papers between 1995 and 2019.

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Matrix Barcode Based Secure Authentication without Trusting Third Party.
IT Professional, 2019

The limit of blockchains: infeasibility of a smart Obama-Trump contract.
Commun. ACM, 2019

Reusable Garbled Turing Machines Without FHE.
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The Limit of Blockchains: Infeasibility of a Smart Obama-Trump Contract.
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Using Sparse Matrices to Prevent Information Leakage in Cloud Computing.
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A Poisoning Attack Against Cryptocurrency Mining Pools.
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Remarks on Quaternions/Octonion Based Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol Submitted to NIST PQC Project.
IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2017

Reducing Garbled Circuit Size While Preserving Circuit Gate Privacy.
IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2017

Decoding Generalized Reed-Solomon Codes and Its Application to RLCE Encryption Scheme.
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Revised Quantum Resistant Public Key Encryption Scheme RLCE and IND-CCA2 Security for McEliece Schemes.
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Data confidentiality in cloud-based pervasive system.
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Computational Aspects of Ideal (t, n)-Threshold Scheme of Chen, Laing, and Martin.
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Candidate MDS Array Codes for Tolerating Three Disk Failures in RAID-7 Architectures.
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Garbled computation in cloud.
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On encoding symbol degrees of array BP-XOR codes.
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Quantum resistant random linear code based public key encryption scheme RLCE.
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UC-PSkyline: Probabilistic Skyline Queries Over Uncertain Contexts.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Computing Methodologies - 12th International Conference, 2016

Privacy Preserving Computation in Cloud Using Noise-Free Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) Schemes.
Proceedings of the Computer Security - ESORICS 2016, 2016

Secure Communication and Authentication Against Off-line Dictionary Attacks in Smart Grid Systems.
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Privacy-Preserving Data Storage in CloudUsing Array BP-XOR Codes.
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Adaptive Filter Updating for Energy-Efficient Top-k Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Gaussian Process Regression.
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Notes on Two Fully Homomorphic Encryption Schemes Without Bootstrapping.
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Secure Random Linear Code Based Public Key Encryption Scheme RLCE.
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On statistical distance based testing of pseudo random sequences and experiments with PHP and Debian OpenSSL.
Computers & Security, 2015

Asymptotic-Efficient Algorithms for Skyline Query Processing over Uncertain Contexts.
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Prediction-Based Filter Updating Policies for Top-k Monitoring Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks.
IJDSN, 2014

Histogram Estimation for Optimal Filter Skyline Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks.
IJDSN, 2014

On the Design of LIL Tests for (Pseudo) Random Generators and Some Experimental Results.
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Efficient secret sharing schemes achieving optimal information rate.
Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE Information Theory Workshop, 2014

Statistical Properties of Pseudo Random Sequences and Experiments with PHP and Debian OpenSSL.
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Efficient Identity-Based and Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol.
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Adaptive Information Coding for Secure and Reliable Wireless Telesurgery Communications.
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Password Protected Smart Card and Memory Stick Authentication against Off-Line Dictionary Attacks.
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Edge-colored graphs with applications to homogeneous faults.
Inf. Process. Lett., 2011

sSCADA: securing SCADA infrastructure communications.
IJCNDS, 2011

Homogeneous Faults, Colored Edge Graphs, and Cover Free Families.
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Insecure "Provably Secure Network Coding" and Homomorphic Authentication Schemes for Network Coding.
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An image reconstruction algorithm based on compressed sensing using conjugate gradient.
Proceedings of the 4th International Universal Communication Symposium, 2010

Constructivist Approach to Information Security Awareness in the Middle East.
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Insecure "Provable Secure Network Coding".
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Perfectly Secure Message Transmission Revisited.
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Privacy Preserving Database Generation for Database Application Testing.
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Security analysis of a password-based authentication protocol proposed to IEEE 1363.
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A characterization of Lp(R) by local trigonometric bases with 1<p (DOI)
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Revisiting Colored Networks and Privacy Preserving Censorship.
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Using the Elliptic Curve Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) for XML Digital Signatures.
RFC, April, 2005

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Radio Networks with Reliable Communication.
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Construction of compactly supported orthonormal wavelets with beautiful structure.
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Privacy preserving database application testing.
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