Yu-Cheng Hsiao

According to our database1, Yu-Cheng Hsiao authored at least 24 papers between 2001 and 2020.

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Power-Efficient Trajectory Adjustment and Temporal Routing for Multi-UAV Networks.
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Infrared Sensor Detection and Actuator Treatment Applied during Hemodialysis.
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Using Deep-Q Network to Select Candidates from N-best Speech Recognition Hypotheses for Enhancing Dialogue State Tracking.
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Temperature-dependent electrical and dielectric properties of nematic liquid crystals doped with ferroelectric particles.
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NERChem: adapting NERBio to chemical patents via full-token features and named entity feature with chemical sub-class composition.
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BelSmile: a biomedical semantic role labeling approach for extracting biological expression language from text.
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A Framework for Cryptography Based Accountability and Service Invocation Control for Service Composition in a Multicloud Architecture.
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Optimal Mixed Batch Shipment Policy with Variable Safety Factor for the Single-Vendor Single-Buyer Production-Inventory System.
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An integrated production and inventory model for a system comprising an assembly supply chain and a distribution network.
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Transcriptome analysis of Orange-Spotted Grouper between Ranavirus and Megalocytivirus Infections.
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Dialogue act detection in error-prone spoken dialogue systems using partial sentence tree and latent dialogue act matrix.
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應用句型結構與部份樣本樹於對話行為之偵測 (Dialogue Act Detection Using Sentence Structure and Partial Pattern Trees) [In Chinese].
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