Yuan Ding

According to our database1, Yuan Ding authored at least 25 papers between 1998 and 2019.

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A Multidimensional Cadastral Topological Data Model: Design and Implementation.
IEEE Access, 2019

Beam Index Modulation Wireless Communication With Analog Beamforming.
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Performance analysis of physical layer security over k - μ shadowed fading channels.
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A two-phase algorithm for point-feature cartographic label placement.
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Low-Sidelobe Pattern Synthesis for Sparse Conformal Arrays Based on PSO-SOCP Optimization.
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Retrodirective-Assisted Secure Wireless Key Establishment.
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A Synthesis-Free Directional Modulation Transmitter Using Retrodirective Array.
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Extrusion Approach Based on Non-Overlapping Footprints (EABNOF) for the Construction of Geometric Models and Topologies in 3D Cadasters.
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A Closer Look at Third-Party OSN Applications: Are They Leaking Your Personal Information?
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Stalking Beijing from Timbuktu: A Generic Measurement Approach for Exploiting Location-Based Social Discovery.
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Profiling high-school students with facebook: how online privacy laws can actually increase minors' risk.
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Peer-assisted distribution of User Generated Content.
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The Investigation of WEB Software System Based on Domain-Driven Design.
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Broadcast yourself: understanding YouTube uploaders.
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Orthogonal Test Algorithm on TD-SCDMA Network Optimization.
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Complete Shape from Imperfect Contour: A Rule-Based Approach.
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