Yubo Zhang

According to our database1, Yubo Zhang authored at least 46 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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A Semi-Explicit Surface Tracking Mechanism for Multi-Phase Immiscible Liquids.
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Hypergraph-Induced Convolutional Networks for Visual Classification.
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Pairing-Free Identity-Based Encryption with Authorized Equality Test in Online Social Networks.
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Towards Safety-Aware Computing System Design in Autonomous Vehicles.
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A Study on Action Detection in the Wild.
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Certificateless searchable public key authenticated encryption with designated tester for cloud-assisted medical Internet of Things.
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User Experience of Tactile Feedback on a Smartphone: Effects of Vibration Intensity, Times and Interval.
Proceedings of the Cross-Cultural Design. Methods, Tools and User Experience, 2019

Mindfulness Meditation: Investigating Immediate Effects in an Information Multitasking Environment.
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The Vibrotactile Experience of the HOME Button on Smartphones.
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Multi-Material Volume Rendering with a Physically-Based Surface Reflection Model.
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Efficient Identity-Based Encryption Scheme with Equality Test in Smart City.
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Beyond Pairwise Matching: Person Reidentification via High-Order Relevance Learning.
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A Structured Model For Action Detection.
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EMD Metric Learning.
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An Efficient and Secure Identity-Based Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol with User Anonymity for Mobile Devices.
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Efficient and secure identity-based encryption scheme with equality test in cloud computing.
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Efficient and Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Wireless Body Area Networks.
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The combined method to predict development indexes in water drive oilfield.
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Visualization Techniques for Studying Large-Scale Flow Fields from Fusion Simulations.
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Gesture-based Bootstrapping for Egocentric Hand Segmentation.
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An Exploratory Study to Measure Excessive Involvement in Multitasking Interaction with Smart Devices.
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Customer-oriented product collaborative customization based on design iteration for tablet personal computer configuration.
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Measuring Disengagement and Chaos in Multitasking Interaction with Smart Devices.
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Exploring interactive style and user experience design for social web of things of Chinese users: A case study in Beijing.
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Playing with multiple wearable devices: Exploring the influence of display, motion and gender.
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Field Study on College Students' Uses and Gratifications of Multitasking Interaction with Multiple Smart Devices.
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Advanced lighting for unstructured-grid data visualization.
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Out-of-core visualization of time-varying hybrid-grid volume data.
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Exploring factors influencing multitasking interaction with multiple smart devices.
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Dialectical analysis of spectral data of patients with hepatocellular jaundice through data mining techniques.
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Realtime volume rendering using precomputed photon mapping.
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Video Watermarking Robust Against Spatio-Temporal Attacks.
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Graph-based Fire Synthesis.
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Real-time simulation of large-scale dynamic forest with GPU.
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Precomputing data-driven tree animation.
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Sketch-based Modeling and Animation of Floral Blossom.
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Dynamic Anisotropic Occlusion.
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