Zhaokui Li

According to our database1, Zhaokui Li authored at least 16 papers between 2013 and 2018.

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Learning a Mid-Level Representation for Multiview Action Recognition.
Adv. in MM, 2018

A Deep Network Based on Multiscale Spectral-Spatial Fusion for Hyperspectral Classification.
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Apple Surface Pesticide Residue Detection Method Based on Hyperspectral Imaging.
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Unsupervised feature selection based on decision graph.
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Mean Laplacian mappings-based difference LDA for face recognition.
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Collaborator recommendation in heterogeneous bibliographic networks using random walks.
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Study for ELM-based recognition of fold structure aiming at remote sensing image.
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Action Prediction Using Unsupervised Semantic Reasoning.
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Evaluating Multiple Streams on Heterogeneous Platforms.
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Score level fusion method based on multiple oblique gradient operators for face recognition.
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