Zhaonan Sun

According to our database1, Zhaonan Sun authored at least 26 papers between 2009 and 2021.

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DPVis: Visual Analytics With Hidden Markov Models for Disease Progression Pathways.
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Development and validation of the 3D U-Net algorithm for segmentation of pelvic lymph nodes on diffusion-weighted images.
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New approaches in modeling belt-flesh-pelvis interaction using obese GHBMC models.
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Determination of strain rate in modelling belt-flesh-pelvis interaction during frontal crashes.
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Analyzing impact of genomic factors on HD progression through an integrated disease progress model.
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DPVis: Visual Exploration of Disease Progression Pathways.
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Simultaneous Modeling of Multiple Complications for Risk Profiling in Diabetes Care.
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Early Prediction of Diabetes Complications from Electronic Health Records: A Multi-Task Survival Analysis Approach.
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An Exploration of Latent Structure in Observational Huntington's Disease Studies.
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A Data-Driven Method for Generating Robust Symptom Onset Indicators in Disease Registry Data.
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Data-Driven Prediction of Beneficial Drug Combinations in Spontaneous Reporting Systems.
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