Zheng Duan

According to our database1, Zheng Duan authored at least 25 papers between 2012 and 2022.

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Crop Water Productivity Mapping and Benchmarking Using Remote Sensing and Google Earth Engine Cloud Computing.
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Performance Evaluation of Six Gridded Precipitation Products throughout Iran Using Ground Observations over the Last Two Decades (2000-2020).
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Monitoring Spatial-Temporal Variations of Lake Level in Western China Using ICESat-1 and CryoSat-2 Satellite Altimetry.
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Integration of Remote Sensing and Mexican Water Quality Monitoring System Using an Extreme Learning Machine.
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A New Machine Learning Approach in Detecting the Oil Palm Plantations Using Remote Sensing Data.
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Assessing the Effects of Time Interpolation of NDVI Composites on Phenology Trend Estimation.
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A novel multi-source data fusion method based on Bayesian inference for accurate estimation of chlorophyll-a concentration over eutrophic lakes.
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Preliminary Utility of the Retrospective IMERG Precipitation Product for Large-Scale Drought Monitoring over Mainland China.
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Monitoring Water Quality of Valle de Bravo Reservoir, Mexico, Using Entire Lifespan of MERIS Data and Machine Learning Approaches.
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Can We Use Satellite-Based FAPAR to Detect Drought?
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Hydrologic Evaluation of TRMM and GPM IMERG Satellite-Based Precipitation in a Humid Basin of China.
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Groundwater Depletion Estimated from GRACE: A Challenge of Sustainable Development in an Arid Region of Central Asia.
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Estimation of Winter Wheat Residue Coverage Using Optical and SAR Remote Sensing Images.
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Characterizing spatial and temporal variations of surface temperature of Lake Tana (Ethiopia) using MODIS data.
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