Zhi-Hai Zhang

According to our database1, Zhi-Hai Zhang authored at least 20 papers between 2008 and 2018.

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  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Capacitated disassembly scheduling under stochastic yield and demand.
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Scheduling with job-splitting considering learning and the vital-few law.
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Trade-off between the costs and the fairness for a collaborative production planning problem in make-to-order manufacturing.
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Robust design of (s, S) inventory policy parameters in supply chains with demand and lead time uncertainties.
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A novel probabilistic formulation for locating and sizing emergency medical service stations.
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Efficiency evaluation for allocating community-based health services.
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A web-based machining parameter selection system for life cycle cost reduction and product quality enhancement.
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