Zhihao Li

According to our database1, Zhihao Li authored at least 60 papers between 2004 and 2022.

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A CPK-Based Identity Authentication Scheme for IoT.
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Functional connectivity between the caudate and medial prefrontal cortex reflects individual honesty variations in adults and children.
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Altered hippocampal-prefrontal functional network integrity in adult macaque monkeys with neonatal hippocampal lesions.
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Nighttime vehicle detection based on direction attention network and bayes corner localization.
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Distance constraint between features for unsupervised domain adaptive person re-identification.
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Instance Segmentation in 3D Scenes using Semantic Superpoint Tree Networks.
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Learning a Skill-sequence-dependent Policy for Long-horizon Manipulation Tasks.
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DualPoseNet: Category-level 6D Object Pose and Size Estimation using Dual Pose Network with Refined Learning of Pose Consistency.
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Quality-Aware Network for Human Parsing.
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Illumination Estimation Challenge: experience of past two years.
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A Decryptable Attribute-Based Keyword Search Scheme on eHealth Cloud in Internet of Things Platforms.
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Scaling Effect Induced Rapid Quenching Improves the Performance of Microfabricated Electrostatic Micromirrors.
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JSidentify: a hybrid framework for detecting plagiarism among JavaScript code in online mini games.
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Transient Stability Emergency Control Using Asynchronous Parallel Mixed-Integer Pattern Search.
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Emotional facial expression transfer from a single image via generative adversarial nets.
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Rethinking Self-driving: Multi-task Knowledge for Better Generalization and Accident Explanation Ability.
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Geometry-Contrastive Generative Adversarial Network for Facial Expression Synthesis.
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Detection Mechanism of FDI Attack Feature Based on Deep Learning.
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Internet anycast: performance, problems, & potential.
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Implementation and Optimization of Multi-dimensional Real FFT on ARMv8 Platform.
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Planar Feature Extraction and Fitting Method Based on Density Clustering Algorithm.
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DeTor: Provably Avoiding Geographic Regions in Tor.
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