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A fuzzy analytical hierarchy process to prioritize the success factors of requirement change management in global software development.
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A robust framework for cloud-based software development outsourcing factors using analytical hierarchy process.
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Deep Learning and Blockchain with Edge Computing for 5G-Enabled Drone Identification and Flight Mode Detection.
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Feature selection with ensemble learning for prostate cancer diagnosis from microarray gene expression.
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Recent Advances in Deep Learning Techniques for Face Recognition.
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Applying Deep Learning Methods on Time-Series Data for Forecasting COVID-19 in Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.
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CardioXNet: A Novel Lightweight Deep Learning Framework for Cardiovascular Disease Classification Using Heart Sound Recordings.
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A Provably Secure Lightweight Subtree-Based Short Signature Scheme With Fuzzy User Data Sharing for Human-Centered IoT.
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Spherical Fuzzy Sets-Based Cosine Similarity and Information Measures for Pattern Recognition and Medical Diagnosis.
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A Novel Efficient Certificateless Signature Scheme for the Prevention of Content Poisoning Attack in Named Data Networking-Based Internet of Things.
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Author Correction: A lightweight and cost effective edge intelligence architecture based on containerization technology.
World Wide Web, 2020

A lightweight and cost effective edge intelligence architecture based on containerization technology.
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Increasing the Trustworthiness in the Industrial IoT Networks Through a Reliable Cyberattack Detection Model.
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A multivocal study to improve the implementation of global requirements change management process: A client-vendor prospective.
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GPS Trajectory Completion Using End-to-End Bidirectional Convolutional Recurrent Encoder-Decoder Architecture with Attention Mechanism.
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A robust cyberattack detection approach using optimal features of SCADA power systems in smart grids.
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Prioritization based Taxonomy of Cloud-based Outsource Software Development Challenges: Fuzzy AHP analysis.
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An Integrated Switchable EM Absorber and Beam Switchable Radiator.
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Multicriteria Based Decision Making of DevOps Data Quality Assessment Challenges Using Fuzzy TOPSIS.
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Prioritization Based Taxonomy of DevOps Security Challenges Using PROMETHEE.
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Identification and Prioritization of Agile Requirements Change Management Success Factors in the Domain of Global Software Development.
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Crow Search Algorithm: Theory, Recent Advances, and Applications.
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Task Offloading and Resource Allocation for Mobile Edge Computing by Deep Reinforcement Learning Based on SARSA.
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An Effective Bio-Signal-Based Driver Behavior Monitoring System Using a Generalized Deep Learning Approach.
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Prioritization Based Taxonomy of DevOps Challenges Using Fuzzy AHP Analysis.
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Requirements Change Management Challenges of Global Software Development: An Empirical Investigation.
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Organization Type and Size Based Identification of Requirements Change Management Challenges in Global Software Development.
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Identification and Prioritization of Cloud Based Global Software Development Best Practices.
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A Systematic Study to Improve the Requirements Engineering Process in the Domain of Global Software Development.
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Multicriteria Decision Making Taxonomy of Cloud-Based Global Software Development Motivators.
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A hybrid multi criteria decision method for cloud service selection from Smart data.
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A Hybrid Feature Extraction Method With Regularized Extreme Learning Machine for Brain Tumor Classification.
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A Hybrid Deep Learning Model for Human Activity Recognition Using Multimodal Body Sensing Data.
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An Ensemble Learning Approach for Accurate Energy Load Prediction in Residential Buildings.
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