Abraham D. Flaxman

According to our database1, Abraham D. Flaxman authored at least 38 papers between 2004 and 2017.

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  • Erdős number3 of two.



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Microsimulation models for cost-effectiveness analysis: a review and introduction to CEAM.
Proceedings of the Summer Simulation Multi-Conference, 2017

Untangling uncertainty with common random numbers: a simulation study.
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Understanding clinical and non-clinical decisions under uncertainty: a scenario-based survey.
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Canonical Correlation Analysis for Analyzing Sequences of Medical Billing Codes.
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A Statistical Model and Estimation of Disease Rates as Functions of Age and Time.
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Using behavioral data to identify interviewer fabrication in surveys.
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A sharp threshold for minimum bounded-depth and bounded-diameter spanning trees and Steiner trees in random networks.
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Automated quality control for mobile data collection.
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Machine Learning Methods for Verbal Autopsy in Developing Countries.
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A Geometric Preferential Attachment Model of Networks.
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Expansion and Lack Thereof in Randomly Perturbed Graphs.
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On the Average Case Performance of Some Greedy Approximation Algorithms For the Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem.
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High Degree Vertices and Eigenvalues in the Preferential Attachment Graph.
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On the Competitive Ratio of the Random Sampling Auction.
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Solving Medium-Density Subset Sum Problems in Expected Polynomial Time.
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