Abumoslem Jannesari

According to our database1, Abumoslem Jannesari authored at least 28 papers between 2007 and 2021.

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Wideband Inductorless True Time Delay Cell Based on CMOS Inverter for Timed Array Receivers.
Circuits Syst. Signal Process., 2021

A Higher-Order Highly Linear N-Path Band-Pass Filter.
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Cell Weighting and Gate Inductive Peaking Techniques for Wideband Noise Suppression in Distributed Amplifiers.
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Fast-Transient-Response Low-Voltage Integrated, Interleaved DC-DC Converter for Implantable Devices.
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Design of a Highly Linear Gain Stage with Complementary Derivative Superposition Technique.
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Noise shaping in low noise amplifiers using active feedback and pole-zero adjustment.
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A parasitic insensitive passive switched-capacitor interpolation finite impulse response filter.
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High dynamic range pseudo-two-level digital pulse-width modulation for power-efficient RF transmitters.
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Power-efficient burst-mode RF transmitter based on reference-adaptive multilevel pulse-width modulation.
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A new approach to frequency-domain noise analysis and design of a very-low noise amplifier in radio and microwave frequencies.
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A sub-2-dB noise figure linear wideband low noise amplifier in 0.18 µm CMOS.
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Pre-distortion technique to improve linearity of low noise amplifier.
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A Low-Power Three-Tap DFE with Switched Resistor Slicer and CTLE in 0.18μm CMOS Technology.
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Analysis and design of discrete-time charge domain filters with complex conjugate poles.
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Harmonic fold back reduction at the <i>N</i>-path filters.
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Two-path inverter-based low noise amplifier for 10-12 GHz applications.
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A low power low noise amplifier employing negative feedback and current reuse techniques.
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Design of a High-Frequency Very Low-Power Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer.
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A 128-channel discrete cosine transform-based neural signal processor for implantable neural recording microsystems.
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Data Compression in Brain-Machine/Computer Interfaces Based on the Walsh-Hadamard Transform.
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A merged LNA and mixer with improved noise figure and gain for software defined radio applications.
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A high gain, wide-band, fast settling amplifier with no-miller capacitor compensation.
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Multi-Level 2D LUT as digital pre-distorter for linearizing memory affected RF power amplifiers.
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A low-power sub-threshold CMOS continuous-time active-filter with reduced in-band noise for WiMAX applications.
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Comments on "A General Theory of Phase Noise in Electrical Oscillators".
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Source-injection serial coupled CMOS LC quadrature VCO.
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Sinusoidal-switched serial-coupled CMOS LC quadrature VCO.
IEICE Electron. Express, 2007