Aditya Khamparia

According to our database1, Aditya Khamparia authored at least 33 papers between 2017 and 2021.

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Unification of Blockchain and Internet of Things (BIoT): requirements, working model, challenges and future directions.
Wirel. Networks, 2021

Diagnosis of breast cancer based on modern mammography using hybrid transfer learning.
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An intelligent unsupervised technique for fraud detection in health care systems.
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An intelligent hybrid approach for hepatitis disease diagnosis: Combining enhanced k-means clustering and improved ensemble learning.
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Internet of health things-driven deep learning system for detection and classification of cervical cells using transfer learning.
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A hybrid whale optimization-differential evolution and genetic algorithm based approach to solve unit commitment scheduling problem: WODEGA.
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Classification and Identification of Primitive Kharif Crops using Supervised Deep Convolutional Networks.
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A novel deep learning-based multi-model ensemble method for the prediction of neuromuscular disorders.
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KDSAE: Chronic kidney disease classification with multimedia data learning using deep stacked autoencoder network.
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Multi-level framework for anomaly detection in social networking.
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Classification and analysis of users review using different classification techniques in intelligent e-learning system.
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An Improved and Adaptive Approach in ANFIS to Predict Knee Diseases.
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A novel integrated principal component analysis and support vector machines-based diagnostic system for detection of chronic kidney disease.
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Effects of microworld game-based approach on neuromuscular disabled students learning performance in elementary basic science courses.
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Association of learning styles with different e-learning problems: a systematic review and classification.
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Seasonal Crops Disease Prediction and Classification Using Deep Convolutional Encoder Network.
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An Integrated Hybrid CNN-RNN Model for Visual Description and Generation of Captions.
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Comparison of RSM, ANN and Fuzzy Logic for extraction of <i>Oleonolic Acid</i> from <i>Ocimum sanctum</i>.
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Reversible Data Hiding and Smart Multimedia Computing Using Big Data in Remote Sensing Systems.
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Security Challenges and Cyber Forensic Ecosystem in IoT Driven BYOD Environment.
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Honey Bee Optimization based Sink Mobility Aware Heterogeneous Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network.
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Twitter-based Opinion Mining for Flight Service utilizing Machine Learning.
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A comprehensive survey of edge prediction in social networks: Techniques, parameters and challenges.
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A systematic review on deep learning architectures and applications.
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Investigating the Importance of Psychological and Environmental Factors for Improving Learner's Performance Using Hidden Markov Model.
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Sound Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network and Tensor Deep Stacking Network.
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Threat-Driven Approach for Security Analysis: A Case Study with a Telemedicine System.
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SVM and PCA Based Learning Feature Classification Approaches for E-Learning System.
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Effects of visual map embedded approach on students learning performance using Briggs-Myers learning style in word puzzle gaming course.
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Comprehensive analysis of semantic web reasoners and tools: a survey.
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A novel method of case representation and retrieval in CBR for e-learning.
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Blended e-Learning Training (BeLT): Enhancing Railway Station Controller Knowledge.
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