Prayag Tiwari

Orcid: 0000-0002-2851-4260

According to our database1, Prayag Tiwari authored at least 176 papers between 2017 and 2024.

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IoMT-Based Smart Healthcare Detection System Driven by Quantum Blockchain and Quantum Neural Network.
IEEE J. Biomed. Health Informatics, June, 2024

Evolutionary Meta-Heuristic Offloading and Scheduling Schemes Enabled Industrial Cyber-Physical System.
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Knowledge-Enhanced Graph Topic Transformer for Explainable Biomedical Text Summarization.
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Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning for Medical Time Series Classification.
IEEE J. Biomed. Health Informatics, April, 2024

QMFND: A quantum multimodal fusion-based fake news detection model for social media.
Inf. Fusion, April, 2024

Global-and-Local Attention-Based Reinforcement Learning for Cooperative Behaviour Control of Multiple UAVs.
IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol., March, 2024

Learning Multitask Commonness and Uniqueness for Multimodal Sarcasm Detection and Sentiment Analysis in Conversation.
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Quantum-Assisted Activation for Supervised Learning in Healthcare-Based Intrusion Detection Systems.
IEEE Trans. Artif. Intell., March, 2024

Energy Efficient Quantum-Informed Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms for Industrial Internet of Things.
IEEE Trans. Artif. Intell., March, 2024

ICGNet: An intensity-controllable generation network based on covering learning for face attribute synthesis.
Inf. Sci., March, 2024

Learning optimal inter-class margin adaptively for few-shot class-incremental learning via neural collapse-based meta-learning.
Inf. Process. Manag., March, 2024

Quantum Fuzzy Neural Network for multimodal sentiment and sarcasm detection.
Inf. Fusion, March, 2024

A blockchain-enabled privacy-preserving authentication management protocol for Internet of Medical Things.
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IoMT: A Medical Resource Management System Using Edge Empowered Blockchain Federated Learning.
IEEE Trans. Netw. Serv. Manag., February, 2024

A Dual Channel Cyber-Physical Transportation Network for Detecting Traffic Incidents and Driver Emotion.
IEEE Trans. Consumer Electron., February, 2024

FedSarah: A Novel Low-Latency Federated Learning Algorithm for Consumer-Centric Personalized Recommendation Systems.
IEEE Trans. Consumer Electron., February, 2024

Weighted Fuzzy System for Identifying DNA N4-Methylcytosine Sites With Kernel Entropy Component Analysis.
IEEE Trans. Artif. Intell., February, 2024

DILF: Differentiable rendering-based multi-view Image-Language Fusion for zero-shot 3D shape understanding.
Inf. Fusion, February, 2024

QEPP: A Quantum Efficient Privacy Protection Protocol in 6G-Quantum Internet of Vehicles.
IEEE Trans. Intell. Veh., January, 2024

AttentionMGT-DTA: A multi-modal drug-target affinity prediction using graph transformer and attention mechanism.
Neural Networks, January, 2024

A survey on few-shot class-incremental learning.
Neural Networks, January, 2024

MV-ReID: 3D Multi-view Transformation Network for Occluded Person Re-Identification.
Knowl. Based Syst., January, 2024

QB-IMD: A Secure Medical Data Processing System With Privacy Protection Based on Quantum Blockchain for IoMT.
IEEE Internet Things J., January, 2024

Structured Sparse Regularization based Random Vector Functional Link Networks for DNA N4-methylcytosine sites prediction.
Expert Syst. Appl., January, 2024

A Blockchain-Based Cross-Domain Authentication Management System for IoT Devices.
IEEE Trans. Netw. Sci. Eng., 2024

Document-level Relation Extraction with Relation Correlations.
Neural Networks, 2024

Sequence homology score-based deep fuzzy network for identifying therapeutic peptides.
Neural Networks, 2024

AMDGT: Attention aware multi-modal fusion using a dual graph transformer for drug-disease associations prediction.
Knowl. Based Syst., 2024

Revolutionizing healthcare: IoMT-enabled digital enhancement via multimodal ADL data fusion.
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Deep Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Joint Global and Local Structure Preservation.
Expert Syst. Appl., 2024

Occluded person re-identification with deep learning: A survey and perspectives.
Expert Syst. Appl., 2024

Low-Redundant Unsupervised Feature Selection based on Data Structure Learning and Feature Orthogonalization.
Expert Syst. Appl., 2024

Expected Grad-CAM: Towards gradient faithfulness.
CoRR, 2024

Deep Network Pruning: A Comparative Study on CNNs in Face Recognition.
CoRR, 2024

Mixture of Experts Using Tensor Products.
CoRR, 2024

Physics-incorporated Graph Neural Network for Multivariate Time Series Imputation.
CoRR, 2024

Predicting Overtakes in Trucks Using CAN Data.
CoRR, 2024

Pushing The Limit of LLM Capacity for Text Classification.
CoRR, 2024

US2Mask: Image-to-mask generation learning via a conditional GAN for cardiac ultrasound image segmentation.
Comput. Biol. Medicine, 2024

Depressformer: Leveraging Video Swin Transformer and fine-grained local features for depression scale estimation.
Biomed. Signal Process. Control., 2024

Fuzzy kernel evidence Random Forest for identifying pseudouridine sites.
Briefings Bioinform., 2024

Secure and efficient data transmission based on quantum dialogue with hyperentangled states in cloud office.
Internet Things, December, 2023

QNMF: A quantum neural network based multimodal fusion system for intelligent diagnosis.
Inf. Fusion, December, 2023

Multi-correntropy fusion based fuzzy system for predicting DNA N4-methylcytosine sites.
Inf. Fusion, December, 2023

Predicting users' behavior using mouse movement information: an information foraging theory perspective.
Neural Comput. Appl., November, 2023

Quantum conditional generative adversarial network based on patch method for abnormal electrocardiogram generation.
Comput. Biol. Medicine, November, 2023

EDCNNS: Federated learning enabled evolutionary deep convolutional neural network for Alzheimer disease detection.
Appl. Soft Comput., November, 2023

Identification of DNA N4-methylcytosine Sites via Multiview Kernel Sparse Representation Model.
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Causal embedding of user interest and conformity for long-tail session-based recommendations.
Inf. Sci., October, 2023

Unsupervised feature selection based on variance-covariance subspace distance.
Neural Networks, September, 2023

Robust stability analysis for class of Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy with stochastic process for sustainable hypersonic vehicles.
Inf. Sci., September, 2023

A Multimodal Coupled Graph Attention Network for Joint Traffic Event Detection and Sentiment Classification.
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Quantum detectable Byzantine agreement for distributed data trust management in blockchain.
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Federated learning-based AI approaches in smart healthcare: concepts, taxonomies, challenges and open issues.
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Res-CovNet: an internet of medical health things driven COVID-19 framework using transfer learning.
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Semantics-Aware Dynamic Graph Convolutional Network for Traffic Flow Forecasting.
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Observer-Based Control for a New Stochastic Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Systems With Networked Control System.
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An Anonymous IoT-Based E-Health Monitoring System Using Blockchain Technology.
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A deep multiple kernel learning-based higher-order fuzzy inference system for identifying DNA N4-methylcytosine sites.
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An overview of violence detection techniques: current challenges and future directions.
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A cluster UAV inspired honeycomb defense system to confront military IoT: a dynamic game approach.
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3D human pose and shape estimation via de-occlusion multi-task learning.
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Adaptive weighted multiscale retinex for underwater image enhancement.
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Climate Change from Large Language Models.
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DialogueLLM: Context and Emotion Knowledge-Tuned LLaMA Models for Emotion Recognition in Conversations.
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VISU at WASSA 2023 Shared Task: Detecting Emotions in Reaction to News Stories Leveraging BERT and Stacked Embeddings.
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Dynamic Causal Explanation Based Diffusion-Variational Graph Neural Network for Spatio-temporal Forecasting.
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A Novel Deep Learning based Model for Erythrocytes Classification and Quantification in Sickle Cell Disease.
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Huatuo-26M, a Large-scale Chinese Medical QA Dataset.
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MLapSVM-LBS: Predicting DNA-binding proteins via a multiple Laplacian regularized support vector machine with local behavior similarity.
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Dual Regularized Unsupervised Feature Selection Based on Matrix Factorization and Minimum Redundancy with application in gene selection.
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