Aifeng Ren

According to our database1, Aifeng Ren authored at least 29 papers between 2002 and 2020.

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Diagnosis of the Hypopnea syndrome in the early stage.
Neural Computing and Applications, 2020

5G-Based User-Centric Sensing at C-Band.
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Noninvasive Suspicious Liquid Detection Using Wireless Signals.
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An efficient monitoring of eclamptic seizures in wireless sensors networks.
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Hand Palm Local Channel Characterization for Millimeter-Wave Body-Centric Applications.
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Design of Software Defined Radios Based Platform for Activity Recognition.
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Wandering Pattern Sensing at S-Band.
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Posture-Specific Breathing Detection.
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Utilizing a 5G spectrum for health care to detect the tremors and breathing activity for multiple sclerosis.
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Antenna and Propagation Considerations for Amateur UAV Monitoring.
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Nano-Ferrite Near-Field Microwave Imaging for In-Body Applications.
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Detection and Diagnosis of Paralysis Agitans.
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Breathing Rhythm Analysis in Body Centric Networks.
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Adaptive Interference Cancellation of ECG Signals.
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Functional brain network analysis of schizophrenic patients with positive and negative syndrome based on mutual information of EEG time series.
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Patterns-of-Life Aided Authentication.
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Double Threshold Authentication Using Body Area Radio Channel Characteristics.
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Biometric Behavior Authentication Exploiting Propagation Characteristics of Wireless Channel.
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Posture Recognition to Prevent Bedsores for Multiple Patients Using Leaking Coaxial Cable.
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Sparsity-Inspired Nonparametric Probability Characterization for Radio Propagation in Body Area Networks.
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Characterization of the on-body received signal strength indication considering different propagation environment.
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