Mingming Wang

According to our database1, Mingming Wang authored at least 63 papers between 2010 and 2021.

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Leveraging deep learning with audio analytics to predict the success of crowdfunding projects.
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Dynamic Manipulability Analysis of Multi-Arm Space Robot.
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Stochastic differential reinsurance games in diffusion approximation models.
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A Cooperative Autonomous Scheduling Approach for Multiple Earth Observation Satellites With Intensive Missions.
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Trajectory Planning and Hierarchical sliding-mode control of underactuated Space robotic System.
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A Novel Prescribed Performance Controller With Unknown Dead-Zone and Impactive Disturbance.
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Identification of Sugarcane Bud Based on Image Processing and BP Neural Network.
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A realistic mobility model with irregular obstacle constraints for mobile ad hoc networks.
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Fast compressive tracking combined with Kalman filter.
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Pruning Elman neural network and its application in bolt defects classification.
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Maximizing a robust goal-reaching probability with penalization on ambiguity.
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Lever: Breaking the Shackles of Scalable On-chain Validation.
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Investigation on Seismic Damage Model Test of a High Concrete Gravity Dam Based on Application of FBG Strain Sensor.
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Integration of Range Split Spectrum Interferometry and conventional InSAR to monitor large gradient surface displacements.
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Using Transposition Padding to Get CCA2 Security From Any Deterministic Encryption Schemes.
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A Configurable Approximation Min-Sum Decoding Algorithm for Low Density Parity Check Codes.
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Natural Gas Price Prediction with Big Data.
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A Sentiment-Enhanced Hybrid Recommender System for Movie Recommendation: A Big Data Analytics Framework.
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The effect of quantum noise on two different deterministic remote state preparation of an arbitrary three-particle state protocols.
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Lightweight and Manageable Digital Evidence Preservation System on Bitcoin.
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Online fault detection for networked control system with unknown network-induced delays.
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Bolt quality testing research using weighted fusion algorithm based on correlation function.
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Application of EEMD and neural network in stress prediction of anchor bolt.
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Non-destructive test method of rock bolt based on D-S evidence and spectral kurtosis.
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Study on the Magnitude of Reservoir-Triggered Earthquake Based on Support Vector Machines.
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A novel pattern recognition technique based on group clustering computing and convex optimization for dimensionality reduction.
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Nano-Ferrite Near-Field Microwave Imaging for In-Body Applications.
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Characteristics Analysis and Impact Cluster on Urban Rail Transit Perturbations: A Real Case in Beijing.
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Recognition Of Bolt Quality Base On Elman Neural Network By Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm.
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Efficient Multiparty Quantum Secret Sharing Scheme in High-Dimensional System.
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Adaptively Chosen Ciphertext Secure Lattice IBE Based Programmable Hash Function in the Standard Model.
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Dynamic Multi-hop Clustering in a Wireless Sensor Network: Performance Improvement.
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Effect of noise on deterministic joint remote preparation of an arbitrary two-qubit state.
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Effect of quantum noise on deterministic remote state preparation of an arbitrary two-particle state via various quantum entangled channels.
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以网络性能为核心的移动自组网Flooding攻击防御技术 (Defense Technology Based on Dynamic Space-Time Performance for Flooding Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks).
计算机科学, 2017

Research on propagation of passenger flow in urban rail transit network for large-scale events.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE SmartWorld, 2017

Quantum Secret Sharing in Noisy Environment.
Proceedings of the Cloud Computing and Security - Third International Conference, 2017

A Robust Quantum Watermark Algorithm Based on Quantum Log-Polar Images.
Proceedings of the Cloud Computing and Security - Third International Conference, 2017

A Model-Based Transformation from SCR Specification Models into Altatica3.0 Design Models.
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Effect of quantum noise on deterministic joint remote state preparation of a qubit state via a GHZ channel.
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Improved probabilistic neural network PNN and its application to defect recognition in rock bolts.
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一种基于四变量模型的系统安全性建模与分析方法 (System Safety Modeling and Analysis Method Based on Four-variable Model).
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Classification of anchor bolts based on spectral kurtosis and K-means clustering algorithm.
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Event-driven data mining methods for large-scale market prediction: a case study of an agricultural products company.
Proceedings of the Second ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on the Use of GIS in Emergency Management, 2016

Secret sharing of a known arbitrary quantum state with noisy environment.
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基于rLFA技术的性能优化及重路由选择算法研究 (Research of Performance Optimization and Re-routing Selection Algorithm Based on Improved rLFA).
计算机科学, 2015

A Novel Trigger Model for Sales Prediction with Data Mining Techniques.
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Multi-path Convolutional Neural Networks for Complex Image Classification.
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Emergency Decision Support Architectures for Bus Hijacking Based on Massive Image Anomaly Detection in Social Networks.
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Research on antimissile capability of medium caliber gun equipped with pre-fragmented proximity fuzed shell.
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Quantum secret sharing for general access structures based on multiparticle entanglements.
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Can online user behavior improve the performance of sales prediction in E-commerce?
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A Prediction-Based Inventory Optimization Using Data Mining Models.
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A Novel Forecasting Method for Large-Scale Sales Prediction Using Extreme Learning Machine.
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Comment on "High-dimensional deterministic multiparty quantum secret sharing without unitary operations".
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Forecasting the CPI Using a Hybrid Sarima and Neural Network Model with Web News Articles.
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Efficient entanglement channel construction schemes for a theoretical quantum network model with <i>d</i>-level system.
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Design and Implementation of Service Commitment.
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A Haptic Interface for Virtual Reality Based Teleoperation System.
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