Alessio Ishizaka

According to our database1, Alessio Ishizaka authored at least 28 papers between 2004 and 2018.

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Visual management of performance with PROMETHEE productivity analysis.
Soft Comput., 2018

Multiple-criteria performance ranking based on profile distributions: An application to university research evaluations.
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FAHPSort: A Fuzzy Extension of the AHPSort Method.
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A scenario-based modeling method for controlling ECM performance.
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Are multi-criteria decision-making tools useful? An experimental comparative study of three methods.
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Being seen to care: The relationship between self-presentation and contributions to online pro-social crowdfunding campaigns.
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A DEMATEL-based completion method for incomplete pairwise comparison matrix in AHP.
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MACBETHSort: a multiple criteria decision aid procedure for sorting strategic products.
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Mapping verbal AHP scale to numerical scale for cloud computing strategy selection.
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Dominance-based rough set approach for group decisions.
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A Framework for Parameterized Semantic Matchmaking and Ranking of Web Services.
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A hybrid and integrated approach to evaluate and prevent disasters.
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QoS-Aware Parameterized Semantic Matchmaking Framework for Web Service Composition.
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Influence of aggregation and measurement scale on ranking a compromise alternative in AHP.
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Review of the main developments in the analytic hierarchy process.
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Selection of new production facilities with the Group Analytic Hierarchy Process Ordering method.
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Selecting the best statistical distribution with PROMETHEE and GAIA.
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A Web-based decision support system with ELECTRE III for a personalised ranking of British universities.
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Développement d'un système tutoriel intelligent pour dériver des priorités dans l'AHP.
PhD thesis, 2004