Alexandre Arenas

Orcid: 0000-0003-0937-0334

  • Rovira i Virgili University, Department of Computer Sciences and Mathematics

According to our database1, Alexandre Arenas authored at least 94 papers between 1993 and 2023.

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Pattern formation and bifurcation analysis of delay induced fractional-order epidemic spreading on networks.
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The Resilience of the Multirelational Structure of Geopolitical Treaties is Critically Linked to Past Colonial World Order and Offshore Fiscal Havens.
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Spreading dynamics in networks under context-dependent behavior.
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Bifurcation analysis of the Microscopic Markov Chain Approach to contact-based epidemic spreading in networks.
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Diffusion and synchronization dynamics reveal the multi-scale patterns of spatial segregation.
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Explainable, automated urban interventions to improve pedestrian and vehicle safety.
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Network clique cover approximation to analyze complex contagions through group interactions.
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Impact of origin-destination information in epidemic spreading.
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Interplay between cost and benefits triggers nontrivial vaccination uptake.
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On the influence of trust in the spreading of information.
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Decongestion of urban areas with hotspot-pricing.
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Congestion induced by the structure of multiplex networks.
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Functional Multiplex PageRank.
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Assessing reliable human mobility patterns from higher-order memory in mobile communications.
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Untangling the role of diverse social dimensions in the diffusion of microfinance.
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Quantifying the diaspora of knowledge in the last century.
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Personalized routing for multitudes in smart cities.
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A benchmark model to assess community structure in evolving networks.
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The dynamic of information-driven coordination phenomena: a transfer entropy analysis.
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Multilayer Analysis and Visualization of Networks.
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