Bruno Gonçalves

Orcid: 0000-0001-5644-3749

According to our database1, Bruno Gonçalves authored at least 54 papers between 2006 and 2023.

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VUV to IR Emission Spectroscopy and Interferometry Diagnostics for the European Shock Tube for High-Enthalpy Research.
Sensors, July, 2023

Neutronics Simulations for DEMO Diagnostics.
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Advances, Challenges, and Future Perspectives of Microwave Reflectometry for Plasma Position and Shape Control on Future Nuclear Fusion Devices.
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American cultural regions mapped through the lexical analysis of social media.
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Radiological Scouting, Monitoring and Inspection Using Drones.
Sensors, 2021

Match Analysis of Soccer Refereeing Using Spatiotemporal Data: A Case Study.
Sensors, 2021

Can Tracking Data Help in Assessing Interpersonal Contact Exposure in Team Sports during the COVID-19 Pandemic?
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Performance Analysis of Geiger-Müller and Cadmium Zinc Telluride Sensors Envisaging Airborne Radiological Monitoring in NORM Sites.
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Mapping the physics research space: a machine learning approach.
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Accuracy of a Basketball Indoor Tracking System Based on Standard Bluetooth Low Energy Channels (NBN23<sup>®</sup>).
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Foursquare to the Rescue: Predicting Ambulance Calls Across Geographies.
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The happiness paradox: your friends are happier than you.
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The Fall of the Empire: The Americanization of English.
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Erratum to: Touristic site attractiveness seen through Twitter.
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Touristic site attractiveness seen through Twitter.
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Human diffusion and city influence.
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Learning Spanish dialects through Twitter.
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The dynamic of information-driven coordination phenomena: a transfer entropy analysis.
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Everyday the Same Picture: Popularity and Content Diversity.
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Characterizing scientific production and consumption in Physics
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Emergence of influential spreaders in modified rumor models
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Activity driven modeling of dynamic networks
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The Peculiar Phase Structure of Random Graph Bisection
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