Almerima Jamakovic-Kapic

According to our database1, Almerima Jamakovic-Kapic authored at least 21 papers between 2007 and 2015.

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EASE: EPC as a service to ease mobile core network deployment over cloud.
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How random are complex networks.
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Mobile Cloud Networking: Virtualisation of cellular networks.
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Real-Time Environmental Monitoring for Cloud-Based Hydrogeological Modeling with HydroGeoSphere.
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Mobility and bandwidth prediction in virtualized LTE systems: Architecture and challenges.
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Mobile Cloud Networking: Mobile Network, Compute, and Storage as One Service On-Demand.
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Towards a Swiss National Research Infrastructure.
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Real-World Energy Measurements of a Wireless Mesh Network.
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A global reference model of the domain name system.
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Authentication and authorisation mechanisms in support of secure access to WMN resources.
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Weighted spectral distribution for internet topology analysis: theory and applications.
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Mixing Biases: Structural Changes in the AS Topology Evolution.
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A weighted spectrum metric for comparison of internet topologies.
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How small are building blocks of complex networks
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On the importance of local connectivity for Internet topology models.
Proceedings of the 21st International Teletraffic Congress, 2009

Capturing Internet Traffic Dynamics through Graph Distances.
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Characterization of complex networks: Application to robustness analysis.
PhD thesis, October, 2008

On the relationships between topological measures in real-world networks.
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Beyond Node Degree: Evaluating AS Topology Models
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Tuning Topology Generators Using Spectral Distributions.
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Influence of the network structure on robustness.
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