Anika Heimann-Steinert

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According to our database1, Anika Heimann-Steinert authored at least 17 papers between 2013 and 2022.

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Self-determined and Informed Use of Personal Health Records: Assessment of Attitudes and Learning Requirements Among Older Adults.
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Explainable Automatic Evaluation of the Trail Making Test for Dementia Screening.
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Using New Camera-Based Technologies for Gait Analysis in Older Adults in Comparison to the Established GAITRite System.
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Algorithm Based on One Monocular Video Delivers Highly Valid and Reliable Gait Parameters.
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Stress Annotations from Older Adults - Exploring the Foundations for Mobile ML-Based Health Assistance.
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Usage of a Technical Communication and Documentation System by Older Adults and Professionals in Multidisciplinary Home Rehabilitation.
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Requirements for Wearable Technologies to Promote Adherence to Physical Activity Programs for Older Adults.
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Multimodal Speech-based Dialogue for the Mini-Mental State Examination.
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Taking control! Structural and behavioural plasticity in response to game-based inhibition training in older adults.
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Automatic Detection of Visual Search for the Elderly using Eye and Head Tracking Data.
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Acceptance and Usage of an Online-based Cognitive Group Training for Older Adults.
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Wearable Learning for Healthy Ageing through Creative Learning: A Conceptual Framework in the project "Fitness MOOC" (fMOOC).
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Difference in operation of Mouse and Touchscreen in older adults.
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Designing for User Engagement in Wearable-technology Enhanced Learning for Healthy Ageing.
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Einflussfaktoren auf die Nutzung von Internetkommunikation älterer Menschen / Impact on the Use of Internetcommunication in Older Adults.
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