Artur Ziviani

According to our database1, Artur Ziviani authored at least 113 papers between 2002 and 2021.

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A survey of biodiversity informatics: Concepts, practices, and challenges.
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A Survey on Embedding Dynamic Graphs.
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Efficient network seeding under variable node cost and limited budget for social networks.
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An Algorithmic Information Distortion in Multidimensional Networks.
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On the existence of hidden machines in computational time hierarchies.
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Approximating Network Centrality Measures Using Node Embedding and Machine Learning.
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You Shall not Pass: Avoiding Spurious Paths in Shortest-Path Based Centralities in Multidimensional Complex Networks.
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DJEnsemble: On the Selection of a Disjoint Ensemble of Deep Learning Black-Box Spatio-temporal Models.
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Learning the undecidable from networked systems.
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From pizza to curry: preferences for recipes around the world.
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Uma Plataforma de Rede Definida por Software para Ambientes Convergentes de Computação Paralela.
Proceedings of the XXXVII Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, 2019

OntoPPI: Towards Data Formalization on the Prediction of Protein Interactions.
Proceedings of the Metadata and Semantic Research - 13th International Conference, 2019

A Conceptual Vision Toward the Management of Machine Learning Models.
Proceedings of the ER Forum and Poster & Demos Session 2019 on Publishing Papers with CEUR-WS co-located with 38th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER 2019), 2019

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On incompressible high order networks.
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An algorithmically random family of MultiAspect Graphs and its topological properties.
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A Survey of e-Biodiversity: Concepts, Practices, and Challenges.
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Emergent Open-Endedness from Contagion of the Fittest.
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Network-Based Procedural Story Generation.
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A Multilayer and Time-Varying Structural Analysis of the Brazilian Air Transportation Network.
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Business Activity Clustering: A Use Case in Curitiba.
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SDN-Based Architecture for Providing QoS to High Performance Distributed Applications.
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Abstract State Transition Graphs for Model-Based Reinforcement Learning.
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A Mixed Graph Framework to evaluate the complementarity of communication Tools.
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Editorial: Device-to-Device Communication in 5G Networks.
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BEEP: Balancing Energy, Redundancy, and Performance in Fat-Tree Data Center Networks.
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Social Events in a Time-Varying Mobile Phone Graph.
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MultiAspect Graphs: Algebraic Representation and Algorithms.
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On MultiAspect graphs.
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MobHet: Predicting human mobility using heterogeneous data sources.
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Cyber-physical systems for Mobile Opportunistic Networking in Proximity (MNP).
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Análise de Desempenho de Plataformas de Processamento de Grafos.
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Team communication strategy for collaborative exploration by autonomous vehicles.
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Using SMS to Transfer Small Data Packets during Periods of High Workload on Mobile Data Networks.
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DACCER: Distributed Assessment of the Closeness CEntrality Ranking in complex networks.
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