Awi Federgruen

According to our database1, Awi Federgruen authored at least 68 papers between 1977 and 2021.

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Technical Note - Global Robust Stability in a General Price and Assortment Competition Model.
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Synthesis and Generalization of Structural Results in Inventory Management: A Generalized Convexity Property.
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Probabilistic Analysis of a Generalized Bin Packing Problem and Applications.
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Corrections to "Finding Optimal (<i>s</i>, <i>S</i>) Policies is About as Simple as Evaluating a Single Policy".
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An Efficient Algorithm for Computing an Optimal (r, Q) Policy in Continuous Review Stochastic Inventory Systems.
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The Joint Replenishment Problem with General Joint Cost Structures.
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Finding Optimal (s, S) Policies Is About As Simple As Evaluating a Single Policy.
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Capacitated Two-Stage Multi-Item Production/Inventory Model with Joint Setup Costs.
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Structured Partitioning Problems.
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Ergodicity in Parametric Nonstationary Markov Chains: An Application to Simulated Annealing Methods.
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