Nan Yang

According to our database1, Nan Yang authored at least 77 papers between 1998 and 2020.

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Generating and Editing Arbitrary Facial Images by Learning Feature Axis.
IEEE Access, 2020

Multi-Lateral Participants Decision-Making: A Distribution System Planning Approach With Incomplete Information Game.
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Prediction of Primary Frequency Regulation Capability of Power System Based on Deep Belief Network.
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Fast Local Map Construction of Robot Using Semantic Priors.
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Improvement of Short Text Clustering Based on Weighted Word Embeddings.
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AWESOME: a database of SNPs that affect protein post-translational modifications.
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CancerSplicingQTL: a database for genome-wide identification of splicing QTLs in human cancer.
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Origin of Non-Gaussian Velocity Distribution Found in Freestanding Graphene Membranes.
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IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Modeling, Analysis, AND Design OF 5G Ultra-Dense Networks.
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Research on General Aircraft Cluster Health Assessment Method.
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Model Loss and Distribution Analysis of Regression Problems in Machine Learning.
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Intelligent Trader Model Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning.
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Charging Coordination of Plug-In Electric Vehicles in Distribution Networks With Capacity Constrained Feeder Lines.
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A disease diagnosis and treatment recommendation system based on big data mining and cloud computing.
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A Dielectric Resonator Antenna-in-Package Design and its Electromagnetic Interference Investigation on Amplifier.
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Trio: Utilizing Tag Interference for Refined Localization of Passive RFID.
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A Decision-Making Study on the Loading and Reinforcement Plan of Out-of-Gauge/Overweight Cargoes for Railway Transport Based on FAHP Method.
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POP: 一个基于微服务架构的在线编程系统 (POP: Micro-service Based Online Programming System).
计算机科学, 2017

On Automated Generation of Keyboard Layout to Reduce Finger-Travel Distance.
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Ambiguity set and learning via Bregman and Wasserstein.
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Relaxed Wasserstein with Applications to GANs.
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Practical Governmental Voting with Unconditional Integrity and Privacy.
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Poster: Bidimensional Relative Localization Leveraging Interference among Passive Tags.
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The Application of Surface Electromyography and Pressure System on Cyclists' Body Fatigue.
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Improving Search Result Clustering by Enriching Snippets with Word2Vec Model.
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Online news recommender based on stacked auto-encoder.
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McCulloch-Pitts Brains and Pseudorandom Functions.
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Modifying Keyboard Layout to Reduce Finger-Travel Distance.
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Star-Scan: A Stable Clustering by Statistically Finding Centers and Noises.
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Data analysis system for online short video comments.
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Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Management Under Fluctuating Procurement Costs.
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PBM Competition in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Formulary Design and Drug Pricing.
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The connectedness of the structure generated by the midpoint displacement algorithm: Letter to the Editor concerning "Three-dimensional midpoint displacement algorithm for the generation of fractal porous media" by Jilesen J. et al.; Computers and Geosciences 2012; 46: 164-73.
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Military Training Game Requirement Description Framework Based on Multi-Views.
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Prediction of the shortest travel time based on intersection delay.
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A pricing strategy to align supply chain interests for product recall.
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RABBIC: Rank-Based BIClustering Algorithm.
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Fault Isolation of Nonlinear Processes Based on Fault Directions and Features.
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Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Management Under Inventory-Dependent Demand.
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Infinite Horizon Strategies for Replenishment Systems with a General Pool of Suppliers.
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Improving reliability of a shared supplier with competition and spillovers.
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Multi-morphology transition hybridization CAD design of minimal surface porous structures for use in tissue engineering.
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A video sensing oriented speed adjustable fast multimedia encryption scheme and embedded system.
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A speed adjustable scheme based selective encryption control model for large-scale multimedia sensing system under resources constraints.
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Mediated Quality: An Approach for the eLearning Quality in Higher Education.
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Robust AAM-based audio-visual speech recognition against face direction changes.
Proceedings of the 20th ACM Multimedia Conference, MM '12, Nara, Japan, October 29, 2012

Energy Efficiency for MapReduce Workloads: An In-depth Study.
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Statistical Investigation into the Accelerating Cyclical Dynamics Among Gold, Dollar and U.S. Interest Rate.
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TECHNICAL NOTE - Procurement Strategies with Unreliable Suppliers.
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Inventory Management with an Exogenous Supply Process.
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Approximate Content Summary for Database Selection in Deep Web Data Integration.
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Face Recognition Using Consistency Method and Its Variants.
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