Babis Magoutas

According to our database1, Babis Magoutas authored at least 29 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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Persuasive Technologies for Sustainable Smart Cities: The Case of Urban Mobility.
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Review, analysis and synthesis of prognostic-based decision support methods for condition based maintenance.
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Enabling condition-based maintenance decisions with proactive event-driven computing.
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How to not be Annoying: Adjusting Persuasive Interventions Intensity when Nudging for Sustainable Travel Choices.
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Persuasive Interventions for Sustainable Travel Choices Leveraging Users' Personality and Mobility Type.
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Exploring the Links Between Persuasion, Personality and Mobility Types in Personalized Mobility Applications.
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An information system for deciding and acting ahead of time in sensing enterprises.
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Memory Priming and User Preferences.
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Continuous Improvement of Proactive Event-driven Decision Making through Sensor-Enabled Feedback (SEF).
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DISYS: an intelligent system for personalized nutritional recommendations in restaurants.
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A Sensor and Semantic Data Warehouse for Integrated Water Resource Management.
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