Balaji Viswanathan

According to our database1, Balaji Viswanathan authored at least 18 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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Software Wallet Based Secure Participation in Hyperledger Fabric Networks.
Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on COMmunication Systems & NETworkS, 2020

Value Attribution through Provenance Tracking in Blockchain Networks.
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Performance Benchmarking and Optimizing Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Platform.
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Evidential Reasoning Based Fault Diagnosis.
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CloudMap: Workload-aware placement in private heterogeneous clouds.
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SmartScale: Automatic Application Scaling in Enterprise Clouds.
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ERMIS: Designing, developing, and delivering a remote managed infrastructure services solution.
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Task Decomposition for Adaptive Data Staging in Workflows for Distributed Environments.
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A distributed job scheduling and flow management system.
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Design of a Fault-tolerant Job-flow Manager for Grid Environments Using Standard Technologies, Job-flow Patterns, and a Transparent Proxy.
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Data-WISE: Efficient management of data-intensive workflows in scheduled grid environments.
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Runtime Fault-Handling for Job-Flow Management in Grid Environments.
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Social ties and their relevance to churn in mobile telecom networks.
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INFORM: integrated flow orchestration and meta-scheduling for managed grid systems.
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Innovative Grid Technologies Applied to Bioinformatics and Hurricane Mitigation.
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