Vikas Agarwal

According to our database1, Vikas Agarwal authored at least 36 papers between 2000 and 2021.

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Cardiac-induced cerebral pulsatility, brain structure, and cognition in middle and older-aged adults.
NeuroImage, 2021

A Review on Joint Carotid Intima-Media Thickness and Plaque Area Measurement in Ultrasound for Cardiovascular/Stroke Risk Monitoring: Artificial Intelligence Framework.
J. Digit. Imaging, 2021

A Systematic Review of Smartphone Applications Available for Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID19) and the Assessment of their Quality Using the Mobile Application Rating Scale (MARS).
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Extracting Procedural Knowledge from Technical Documents.
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3-D optimized classification and characterization artificial intelligence paradigm for cardiovascular/stroke risk stratification using carotid ultrasound-based delineated plaque: Atheromatic™ 2.0.
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Advanced search system for IT support services.
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Under One Roof: A Study of Simultaneously Managed Hedge Funds and Funds of Hedge Funds.
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Synthesis-based design and implementation methodology of high-speed, high-performing unit: L2 cache unit design.
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Physical design and implementation of POWER8™ (P8) server class processor.
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ScoDA: Cooperative Content Adaptation Framework for Mobile Browsing.
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Inferring Reporting-Related Biases in Hedge Fund Databases from Hedge Fund Equity Holdings.
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Co-operative content adaptation framework: satisfying consumer and content creator in resource constrained browsing.
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Reaching the masses through a Rural Services Platform.
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Hardware Efficient Root-Raised-Cosine Pulse Shaping Filter for DVB-S2 Receivers.
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Towards Enabling Next Generation Mobile Mashups.
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A Customizable Mediation Engine for Metrics Collection, Aggregation and Composition.
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A service creation environment based on end to end composition of Web services.
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An information model for metering and accounting.
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Clock rate versus IPC: the end of the road for conventional microarchitectures.
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