Baozong Yuan

According to our database1, Baozong Yuan authored at least 51 papers between 1991 and 2010.

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An Orthogonal DLGE Algorithm With its Application to Face Recognition.
J. Inf. Sci. Eng., 2010

Modeling human-like autonomous behaviors and movements of virtual humans in real-time virtual environment.
Proceedings of the 15th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications, 2010

A moving object segmentation algorithm for static camera via active contours and GMM.
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Markerless human motion capture by Markov random field and dynamic graph cuts with color constraints.
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A New Algorithm for Human Motion Capture via 3D Active Contours.
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A new algorithm for static camera foreground segmentation via active coutours and GMM.
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3D object classification system based on volumetric parts.
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Constructing Multiuser Shared 3D Distributed Virtual Environment.
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Model-Based Markerless Human Body Motion Capture using Multiple Cameras.
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A Pervasive Multimodal Tele-Home Healthcare System.
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A new image shape analysis approach and its application to flower shape analysis.
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An OOPR-based rose variety recognition system.
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Better Foreground Segmentation for Static Cameras via New Energy Form and Dynamic Graph-cut.
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Robust Projective Reconstruction with Missing Information.
Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2006), 2006

Volumetric Part Based 3D Object Classification.
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2D-LDA: A statistical linear discriminant analysis for image matrix.
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Multiple view geometry estimation based on finite-multiple evolutionary agents for medical images.
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Improved methods for fundamental matrix estimation based on evolutionary agents [computer vision applications].
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Pervasive Computing Engineering Concept, Method and Application to SmartLab System.
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Gabor Feature Based Classification Using 2D Linear Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition.
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From GMM to HGMM: An Approach In Moving Object Detection.
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Evolutionary agents for epipolar geometry estimation.
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Robust Method of Recovering Epipolar Geometry Using Messy Genetic Algorithm.
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Domain adaptation augmented by state-dependence in spoken dialog systems.
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Robust Multiple-View Geometry Estimation Based on GMM.
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Robust Estimation of Trifocal Tensor Using Messy Genetic Algorithm.
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A novel approach for human face detection from color images under complex background.
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Multiple classifiers combination by clustering and selection.
Inf. Fusion, 2001

Automatic Eye Feature Extraction in Human Face Images.
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A New Robust Fundamental Matrix Estimation Based on Genetic Algorithm.
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MSSBM and Its Application to Nature Image Coding.
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An approach to intelligent Chinese dialogue system.
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Analysis and optimal design of continuous neural networks with applications to associative memory.
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CCD camera calibration based on natural landmarks.
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The modeling and realization of natural speech generation system.
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A novel approach to the optimal biorthogonal analysis window sequence of the discrete Gabor expansion.
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An approach to intelligent speech production system.
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A hybrid image compression scheme combining block-based fractal coding and DCT.
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Shape description and recognition using the high order morphological pattern spectrum.
Pattern Recognit., 1995

Discussion on Multimedia Information Processing.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications, 1995

Detection of Partial Ellipses Using Seperate Parameters Estimation Techniques.
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A more efficient branch and bound algorithm for feature selection.
Pattern Recognit., 1993

A new analytical method for AM neural networks and its application to pattern recognition.
Proceedings of International Conference on Neural Networks (ICNN'88), San Francisco, CA, USA, March 28, 1993

Isothetic polygon representation for contours.
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A new algorithm for texture segmentation based on edge detection.
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