Bent Bruun Kristensen

According to our database1, Bent Bruun Kristensen authored at least 45 papers between 1976 and 2018.

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Protocol and role: abstraction mechanisms in agent oriented programming languages.
IJAOSE, 2018

Application Framework with Abstractions for Protocol and Agent Role.
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Rendezvous-based collaboration between autonomous entities: centric versus associative.
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Associations: abstractions over collaboration.
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FLIP: A Platform to Integrate Embodied Agent Technology.
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Jini Supporting Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing.
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Subject Composition by Roles.
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Roles: Conceptual Abstraction Theory and Practical Language Issues.
TAPOS, 1996

A Conceptual Perspective on the Comparison of Object-Oriented Programming Languages.
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Roles & Patterns in Analysis, Design and Implementation.
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Activities: Abstractions for Collective Behavior.
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Classification of Actions, or Inheritance also for Methods.
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The BETA Programming Language.
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An algebra for program fragments.
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Methods for Computing LALR(k) Lookahead.
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Diagnostics on LALR(k) Conflicts Based on a Method for LR(k) Testing.
BIT, 1981

Interpretation and Code Generation Based on Intermediate Languages.
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LR-Parsing of Extended Context Free Grammars.
Acta Inf., 1976