Biao Jin

According to our database1, Biao Jin authored at least 25 papers between 2005 and 2022.

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  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



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PhD thesis 




Geometry-Based UAV-MIMO Channel Modeling Assisted by Intelligent Reflecting Surface.
IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol., 2022

Spatiotemporal and Multiscale Analysis of the Coupling Coordination Degree between Economic Development Equality and Eco-Environmental Quality in China from 2001 to 2020.
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Distributed power allocation for cognitive tracking based on non-cooperative game in decentralized netted radar.
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Achieving Lightweight Privacy-Preserving Image Sharing and Illegal Distributor Detection in Social IoT.
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GRACE-FO Antenna Phase Center Modeling and Precise Orbit Determination with Single Receiver Ambiguity Resolution.
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Underwater TDOA/AOA joint localization algorithm based on hybrid invasive weed optimization algorithm.
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A Non-Stationary Geometry-Based Channel Model for IRS-Assisted UAV-MIMO Channels.
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A lightweight privacy protection scheme based on user preference in mobile crowdsensing.
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A joint array resource allocation and transmit beampattern design approach for multiple targets tracking.
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Who Distributes It? Privacy-Preserving Image Sharing Scheme with Illegal Distribution Detection.
Proceedings of the Security, Privacy, and Anonymity in Computation, Communication, and Storage, 2020

Geographically Weighted Regression Effects on Soil Zinc Content Hyperspectral Modeling by Applying the Fractional-Order Differential.
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Achieving Incentive, Security, and Scalable Privacy Protection in Mobile Crowdsensing Services.
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Crop Classification Based on Differential Characteristics of H/α Scattering Parameters for Multitemporal Quad- and Dual-Polarization SAR Images.
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Adaptive waveform selection for maneuvering target tracking in cognitive radar.
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D2D Data Privacy Protection Mechanism Based on Reliability and Homomorphic Encryption.
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Service Sites Selection for Shared Bicycles Based on the Location Data of Mobikes.
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A Novel Data Secure Deletion Scheme for Mobile Devices.
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Image Classification Based on pLSA Fusing Spatial Relationships Between Topics.
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A Non-Uniform Scale, Rotation and Translation Resilient Public Watermarking for 3D Models.
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Region and Shape Prior Based Geodesic Active Contour and Application in Cardiac Valve Segmentation.
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Prior Based Cardiac Valve Segmentation in Echocardiographic Sequences: Geodesic Active Contour Guided by Region and Shape Prior.
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